Headache When Waking Up Every Morning

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Headache When Waking Up Every Morning – Do you often complain of headaches or dizziness when you wake up?  If so, see the following explanation of the various possible causes as well as how to overcome them.

At least, 1 in 13 people have experienced headaches when they wake up. These complaints are indeed possible to occur, since in the morning the body produces fewer pain-relieving hormones.

However, do not also underestimate these complaints because sometimes they can be a sign of certain health disorders that you suffer from.

headache when waking up every morning
headache when waking up every morning

Various Causes of Headache When Waking Up Every Morning

Some of the conditions that can be the cause of headaches when waking up are:

1. Insomnia

Your bedtime is irregular, or do you have insomnia? It could be that the complaint of headaches when you wake up that you experience is triggered by this. The reason is insomnia can make the sleep cycle disturbed so that gradually it is possible to trigger headaches.

2. Migraines

Migraines or headaches on the one hand can also be one of the causes of headaches when waking up. Headaches in the morning caused by migraines can be even more pronounced at 4−8 am.

3. Difficulty breathing during sleep (sleep apnea)

Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes the sufferer’s breathing to be blocked or implicated for a few seconds while sleeping. This causes the oxygen level in the brain to decrease, thus triggering a person to have a headache when waking up.

Some of the symptoms of sleep apnea are loud snoring, sweating during sleep, shortness of breath during sleep, frequent awakenings from sleep, and fatigue when waking up.

4. The habit of grinding teeth (bruxism)

Although it looks simply, the habit of grinding your teeth during sleep can be the cause of headaches when you wake up. This is because these habits can reduce the quality of sleep so that it can indirectly trigger headache complaints.

5. anxiety disorders and depression

A study shows that anxiety disorders and depression are one of the causes of chronic headaches in the morning.

This is because when anxious or depressed, people tend to have trouble sleeping and experience insomnia, so they are at risk of having headaches when they wake up.

6. Circadian Rhythm Disorders

People with circadian rhythm disorders are more likely to have morning sickness than non-sleep disorders. Circadian rhythm disturbances occur when your body does not follow the regular sleep-wake rhythm of the 24-hour cycle.

Because of this disorder you don’t get enough sleep which wakes you up with a headache.

7. Snoring

Not all people who snores are sleep deprived. However, snoring alone is the cause of many morning headaches. In one study 268 frequent snorers 23.5% regularly woke with headaches in the morning.

A history of migraine insomnia or psychological stress increases the risk of morning headaches in this group.


Getting too much or too much sleep can also affect your morning headaches. Both poor sleep and prolonged sleep are associated with severe headaches after you wake up.

9. Hangover

Hangover and at least six drinks a night is highly associated with morning headaches. However even small amounts of alcohol can disrupt sleep and cause morning headaches for a few reasons.

When you drink you may fall asleep faster than usual, but your sleep may be disturbed, and you may wake up earlier often. Alcohol increases urine output and fluid loss leading to mild dehydration. Headache is a common side effect of dehydration. Alcohol can also trigger migraines.

Headache At The Back Of The Head And Neck

How to deal with a headache when waking up every morning is not very comfortable.

However, you should not worry because there are many ways to overcome this:

headache when waking up every morning
headache when waking up every morning

Maintains sleep quality

To help overcome headache complaints when you wake up, maintain sleep patterns by sleeping 7–9 hours each day. Find it hard to do it? Try to change your sleep habits so that your sleep time is fulfilled.

The method is not difficult, you just need to get used to sleeping and waking up at the same hour, so that the quality of your sleep is maintained.

To make it easy for you to fall asleep, create a conducive sleeping atmosphere by dimming the lights, drinking water before going to bed, turning off gadgets, and using a humidifier if you have one.

For people with sleep apnea, you should try to sleep on your side. This position can help maintain your sleep quality and reduce shortness of breath.

Performing relaxation techniques

Doing relaxation techniques before going to bed is useful to make your sleep better and prevent you from headaches when you wake up. Techniques of relaxation that you can do are meditation and yoga.

Managing stress

The way to deal with a headache the next time you wake up is to manage your stress. This can be done by doing meditation, exercising regularly, or telling your anxiety or complaints to those closest to you.

If you have done this but you are still experiencing stress, or the stress suffered has become worse and more disturbing, do not hesitate to consult a psychologist.

Limiting caffeine consumption

Consuming too much caffeine before going to bed will make it difficult for you to sleep, as well as cause your sleep to be not good. Therefore, limit or avoid the consumption of caffeinated foods or drinks, such as coffee, tea, or chocolate.

Exercise Regularly

Try to do exercise at least a few hours before bed. Exercising too close to bedtime can keep you awake longer. You can reduce or eliminate morning headaches with good sleep hygiene and treatment of the disorder that causes the headache. Headaches after waking up can be relieved by the above methods.

However, if your headache when waking up every morning persists or is accompanied by other symptoms you should contact your doctor immediately so that the cause can be identified and treated correctly.