High Protein Breakfast for Vegetarians, Amazing !

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High Protein Breakfast for Vegetarians – Vegetarian or vegan has become a lifestyle choice that many people are in demand today for various reasons to do so.

There are reasons for health, hobbies, to humanity and the environment (love of animals). there are still many who are skeptical that being vegetarian, or vegan reduces the fulfillment of nutrients for the body, especially protein.

That said, the best source of protein–which is very useful for the growth, healing, and repair of the body’s cells–is the food product of animals. In fact, the source of protein is not always from animals.

vegetarians really can’t eat meat rich in protein. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have many options to enjoy a healthy breakfast.

High Protein Breakfast for Vegetarians
High Protein Breakfast for Vegetarians

Here’s High protein breakfast for vegetarians that you can try at home

  • Scrambled tempeh tofu

since you shouldn’t consume eggs, why shouldn’t you replace them with high protein tofu and tempeh.

Every 100 grams of tempeh contains 14 grams of protein, while tofu contains 10.9 grams of protein in the same dose. If the two are combined into one vegan breakfast menu, then you can certainly already reap a lot of protein in a day.

How to make it, sauté the tofu and tempeh with olive oil, then add the mushrooms and vegetables. This vegan breakfast menu contains 25 grams of protein which makes you more energized in the morning.

  • Tofu bean burrito

This food, which comes from Mexico, is guaranteed to make you energized in the morning. The reason is, this vegan breakfast menu is high in protein and rich in fiber, because it consists of vegetables and nuts.

One sheet of wheat tortilla contains 4 grams of protein. If it usually takes an egg to make a burrito, then you can replace it with a handful of soybeans and pieces of tofu as a source of protein.

This vegan breakfast menu can provide you with 23 grams of protein. Most importantly, the high fiber content in the tofu bean burrito can keep you full longer until lunch.

  • Oatmeal chia seeds

Chia seeds in addition to being able to ward off various diseases, this food ingredient like basil seeds contains rich omega-3s and proteins that are suitable for processing into a vegan breakfast menu.

If you are a fan of oatmeal in the morning, try combining it with chia seeds and fruits to add protein to it. To do this, mix 85 grams of oats and 30 grams of chia seeds, then add slices of banana, mango, or other type of fruit to add to the delicacy. The protein served this bowl of wheat is 28 grams.

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Vegetarian Protein for Breakfast 
  • Smoothies

A glass of fruit smoothie can provide a lot of protein and healthy fats for the body. You can freely choose all kinds of fruits you like. But if you want to get high protein in the morning, make an avocado smoothie that contains 2 grams of protein for every 100 grams of avocado.

to make the protein content more, add nuts and chia seeds in your homemade smoothies. A handful of nuts contains 7 grams of protein, while a pinch of chia seeds (30 grams) can add 4 grams of protein. This means that drinking a glass of avocado smoothies already gains 13 grams of protein in the morning.

  • Vegetables and Fruits Salad

salad is the easiest food to make for vegetables and fruits lovers.

In addition to some of the above protein source foods, we can also enjoy some vegetables and fruits that are high in protein. Vegetables and fruit are the perfect blend of protein source foods for vegetarians. Vegetables such as cabbage, sweet potatoes, potatoes, asparagus, spinach, and broccoli can provide the protein intake we need.

While fruits, consume guava, mulberry, blackberry, and banana. These fruits provide a protein intake of 2 to 4 g per serving (100 g). These protein-rich fruits can be used as healthy snacks as well. Delicious, fresh, and nutritious.

High Protein Breakfast for Vegetarians
High Protein Breakfast for Vegetarians – Breakfast

High Protein Breakfast for Vegetarians make a daily meal plan

We can make various High protein breakfast for vegetarians as part of the daily meal plan.  we can regulate and maintain the daily caloric intake. Then most importantly, we can still eat well and nutritiously every day.