Low Blood Pressure Emergency Treatment at Home

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Low Blood Pressure Emergency Treatment at Home – In normal situation low blood pressure emergency treatment can be done at home. Generally Low blood pressure determined by a blood pressure reading lower than 90mmHg (millimeters of mercury) for the top number (systolic) or 60 mm Hg for the bottom number (diastolic).

Before we discuss detail about low blood pressure, better we know about what blood pressure is first.

What is the blood pressure?

Blood pressure is a situation where Blood pressure pushing against the walls of your arteries and then arteries carry blood from your heart to other parts of your body.

This is one of an important force because oxygen and nutrients would not be pushed around the circulatory system to nourish tissues and organs without blood pressure. You must keep your blood pressure stable because blood pressure normally rises and falls throughout the day.

Types of blood pressure?

As we know there are 2 types of blood pressure that we usually know.

1. Low blood pressure (hypotension)

2. High blood pressure (hypertension)

Both types of these blood pressure are suffered by many people, and these two blood pressures are affected by 2 types of blood pressure called Systolic blood pressure (top or the first number) and Diastolic blood pressure (bottom or the second number) and the two are usually explained in the form of numbers to find out how big the systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure is. So, you will know what kind of your blood pressure is.

Low Blood Pressure Emergency Treatment at Home
Low Blood Pressure Emergency Treatment at Home

What your blood pressure number?

Systolic blood pressure (top or the first number) – usually indicates how much pressure your blood is exerting against your artery walls when the heart beats.

Diastolic blood pressure (bottom or the second number) – usually indicates how much pressure your blood is exerting against your artery walls while the heart is resting between beats.

Here’s how to know your systolic blood pressure number

Normal: Below 120mmHg

Elevated: 120-129mmHg

Stage 1 high blood pressure (hypertension): 130-139mmHg

Stage 2 hypertension: 140mmHg or more

Hypertensive crisis: 180mmHg or more.

And this is how you to know diastolic blood pressure number

Normal: Lower than 80mmHG

Stage 1 hypertension: 80-89mmHg

Stage 2 hypertension: 90mmHg or more

Hypertensive crisis: 120mmHg or more.

Perhaps many people ask why blood pressure is measured in mmHg. As for abbreviation of mm Hg means millimeters of mercury. Usually, mercury was used in the first accurate pressure gauges and is still used in medicine today as the standard unit of measurement for pressure.

See table below for easier reading.

By CategoryBlood Pressure
Normal levelUnder 120mmHg/80 mmHg
Stage I Hypertension (mild) level130-139mmHg/OR diastolic between 80-89 mmHg
Stage 2 Hypertension (moderate) level140mmHg/90 mmHg or higher
Hypertensive Crisis level180mmHg/120 mmHg or higher
Low Blood Pressure Emergency Treatment at Home

For example: If the measurement reads systolic 120mmHg and diastolic 80mmHg, said, “120 over 80,” or write, “120/80 mmHg.” That mean your blood pressure is normal.

Low Blood Pressure Emergency Treatment at Home
Low Blood Pressure Emergency Treatment at Home

What is low blood pressure?

Let discuss more detail about Low Blood Pressure Emergency Treatment at Home. After we know detail about blood pressure, in this article we will focus to know more about low blood pressure.

Compared with high blood pressure, Low blood pressure is less common. That why many people usually do treatments low blood pressure at home with low symptoms.   

Sometimes low blood pressure considered for one person might be fine for someone else. Most people who have Low blood pressure might cause no noticeable symptoms, or it might cause dizziness and fainting.

It can also be caused by several underlying conditions, including dehydration, and heart failure. Sometimes if you don’t take care of your low blood pressure it can be life-threatening.

The causes of low blood pressure range from dehydration to serious medical conditions, or some medicines can cause low blood pressure as a side effect. That’s how important to find out what’s causing low blood pressure so that it can be treated, especially we can do low blood pressure treatment at home.

Low blood pressure treatment at home

Usually Low blood pressure (hypotension) with only mild symptoms or without symptoms rarely requires treatment. But if low blood pressure is causing symptoms, the treatment depends on the cause.

For example, if medication causes low blood pressure, your doctor may recommend changing or stopping the medication or lowering the dose. Don’t stop or change taking your medication without first notify to your doctor.

There are few types of low blood pressure.

  • Postprandial hypotension. This is because drop in blood pressure occurs 1 to 2 hours after eating. It’s most likely happened to elder peoples, especially those with autonomic nervous system diseases such as Parkinson’s disease or high blood pressure. Drinking more water, and avoiding alcohol, eating small, low-carbohydrate meals and avoiding alcohols might help reduce symptoms.
  • Neurally mediated hypotension. This type happens after standing for long periods and blood pressure will drop. This type of low blood pressure mostly affects young children and adults. It might result from miscommunication between the brain and the heart.
  • Orthostatic hypotension (postural hypotension). This type happens when standing from sitting position or after lying down and suddenly blood pressure will drop. Causes include dehydration, pregnancy, long-term bed rest, certain medical conditions and some medications. This type of low blood pressure is common in older people
  • Multiple system atrophy with orthostatic hypotension. As known as Shy-Drager syndrome, this type is rare disorder affects the nervous system that controls involuntary functions such as blood pressure, heart rate, digestion and breathing. It’s related with having very high blood pressure while lying down.

To diagnose low blood pressure (hypotension), your doctor will do a physical exam and ask questions about your medical history and includes measuring your blood pressure.

If you have low blood pressure without symptoms or with only mild symptoms, you can do treatment at home to make your blood pressure normal.

How to do Low Blood Pressure Emergency Treatment at Home?

There are several ways you can do to do treatment at home, if it’s not clear what’s causing low blood pressure or no treatment exists, the goal is to raise blood pressure and reduce symptoms. Depending on age, health and the type of low blood pressure.

You can begin with Exercising, Lifestyle, and Natural remedies

Medications or other medical interventions to raise blood pressure do not necessary for most people with low blood pressure. There are many of natural ways and lifestyle changes to raise low blood pressure, including the following lifestyle changes.

1. Drink more water

Drinking more water can help avoid dehydration. And it also can help increase blood volume, which can reduce one of the potential causes of low blood pressure.

  • Eat more salt

eat more low-sodium diets (salt) are not good for everyone with blood pressure problems, but in this case will help people with low blood pressure should consider increasing their sodium intake moderately to help raise blood pressure.

  • Avoid alcoholic beverages

This is most avoided beverages, alcohol can lower blood pressure further, so people with low blood pressure should avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.

  • Eat small meals frequently

Eating smaller portion, more frequent meals throughout the day may help with low blood pressure. The smaller meals help prevent a drop in a blood pressure associated with eating larger, heavier meals.

  • Cross legs while sitting

crossing the legs while sitting has been shown to increase blood pressure this is one of good exercise. People with low blood pressure symptoms, crossed legs may help increase blood pressure with minimal effort. But for people with high blood pressure, this can be a problem.

  • Wear compression stockings

By wearing compression stockings will help reduce the amount of blood that gets caught in the lower legs and feet, so shifting it elsewhere. Doctor will suggest to using compression stockings to help relieve pressure and pain associated with varicose veins.

  • Avoid sudden position changes

Suddenly changing positions such as Sitting up or standing up rapidly can cause a feeling of lightheadedness, dizziness, or potential fainting in people with low blood pressure. In these cases, because heart has not pumped enough blood through the body quickly enough to account for the sudden change in position or elevation.

  • Be aware of symptoms

Usually, low blood pressure is only considered a problem if symptoms exist. If there are no symptoms, low blood pressure should be taken as a sign of good health. It is important if low blood pressure starts to cause problem, you must know the symptoms and what to look out for.

  • Discuss with a doctor

Because of variety medications can be a side effect of a Low blood pressure. You should discuss the symptoms with a doctor, if symptoms of low blood pressure begin after starting a medication. 

If all these steps are carried out consistently it will help increase the blood pressure to normal.

As long you stick with good lifestyle, exercising, or natural remedies. that is all about Low Blood Pressure Emergency Treatment at Home hope will help you a lot.