Natural Remedies For Headaches During Pregnancy

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Natural Remedies For Headaches During Pregnancy – Hormonal changes can cause headaches during pregnancy, be it tension headaches or migraines. Because at the time of pregnancy you should not take just any medicines, there are various natural ways to deal with headaches during pregnancy that you can do.

During the first few weeks of pregnancy headaches during pregnancy tend to get worse. Although it is often a disturbing thing in the early trimester, you don’t need to worry because this condition has no effect on the fetus. Headaches usually already improve or disappear on their own in the last six months of pregnancy, when the hormones have stabilized again.

Headaches during pregnancy are normal

Headaches that occur in the early period of pregnancy are normal, but you should be more vigilant if this condition occurs at the end of pregnancy.

Headaches experienced by pregnant women are usually caused by hormonal changes in the body. When hormones spike, blood volume also increases. So pregnant women will feel dizzy or have a headache in some time.

Natural Remedies For Headaches During Pregnancy
Natural Remedies For Headaches During Pregnancy

 It is not known exactly why some pregnant women can experience headaches. Even so, increased blood production and flow in the early stages of pregnancy is thought to be one of the triggers. Other possible triggers are suddenly stopped caffeine consumption, lack of sleep, stress, depression, hunger, dehydration, sinus disorders, fatigue, and allergies.

most headaches during pregnancy are primary headaches. that is, a headache that occurs on its own and that is not a sign or symptom of any other disorder or complication in pregnancy.

Here’s how to make use of Natural Remedies For Headaches During Pregnancy

  1. Drink lots of water

Staying hydrated can help relieve headaches during pregnancy. Staying hydrated during pregnancy is important to keep your body active and ensure proper circulation of enzymes and proteins. Try to drink at least 8 ounces of water a day to avoid headaches.

  1. Herbal tea

Prepare 1 teaspoon of lemon balm powder (a plant like mint leaves), then add about half a teaspoon of powdered fennel seeds, honey and warm water, drink. This herb works well to overcome anxiety and headaches.

  1. Cumin seeds

Roast cumin seeds and wrap in muslin cloth. Inhale the vapors to relieve headaches.

  1. Milk and cinnamon

Add about three teaspoons of cinnamon powder to a cup of milk and then bring to a boil. Let the milk cool, add honey to taste, drink. Consume this herb 2 times a day if moms have severe headaches.

  1. Apple vinegar and honey

Mix 2 teaspoons of apple vinegar and 2 teaspoons of honey to a glass of water and drink.

  1. Ginger

Antioxidants in ginger help relieve headaches. Brew ginger tea and drink every time you feel pain.

  1. Compress

Use a cold or warm compress to relieve headaches. In case of migraine, cold compresses are more effective than warm compresses.

  1. Use essence oil

If experiencing headaches during the first trimester, try lemon, orange, lavender, or peppermint essential oil, to help reduce pain. This essential oil improves blood circulation and minimizes water retention in the body. Apply a few drops of this oil to the skin during a headache.

  1. Take a nap or practice yoga

Sometimes lack of sleep can cause headaches and migraines; So, if you think you have a headache due to lack of sleep then get some sleep and you will feel better. If you want to sleep longer do something that makes you feel better.

Natural Remedies For Headaches During Pregnancy
Natural Remedies For Headaches During Pregnancy
  1. Try a prenatal massage

See a prenatal massage therapist to relieve tension in your shoulders neck and back. If going out to see a therapist doesn’t work for you there are some massages, you can do at home. Try rubbing your shoulders at the base of your head and under your wrists. Pay attention to trigger points that can cause contractions such as the point between the thumb and forefinger and avoid them.

Those are some tips for making natural remedies for headaches during pregnancy that you can do at home.

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Headaches that occur in the early period of pregnancy are normal but headaches that occur at the end of pregnancy can be a sign that you have hypertension in pregnancy. If left untreated, this condition risks developing into preeclampsia, which is a condition that can interfere with the development of the baby in the womb and the delivery process.

Do not hesitate to immediately consult a doctor if the headache during pregnancy has not subsided or has worsened.